Moving Planner

Use our pre-move checklist to assist you in your move:

4 Weeks before you move

  • Notify Post Office for redirection of mail and send out change of address notices.
  • Notify Insurance companies.
  • Notify bank and credit card companies.
  • Notify electoral office, IRD, government departments, solicitor etc.

2 Weeks before you move

  • Confirm moving arrangements.
  • Arrange for cancellation of gas, electricity, phone, Sky etc.
  • Clean out medicine cabinet.
  • Obtain medical and dental records.
  • Obtain school records.
  • Dispose of flammables (we are unable to move these).
  • Empty fuel from lawnmowers, etc.

The Day Before You Move

  • Defrost fridge and freezer.
  • Disconnect appliances where possible.
  • Empty rubbish bins.
  • Empty vacuum cleaners.